What is Outdoor Living?

Outdoor living spaces improve your day-to-day living while enhancing the aesthetics of your home. Pergolas, decks, hard and soft landscaping are some of the services we can provide to elevate your outdoor living. There is health, social and financial benefits to improving and extending your outdoor living space.

Read on to unravel the various home improvements you can do, that will elevate your day to day living!

Your own personal oasis through renovation

Allow your outdoor space to become your sanctuary when you need a moment to breathe and escape from the stress and pressure of work and life. Sitting outdoors provides the perfect environment to reflect on and contemplate life decisions while healing and relieving stress. (Link to Pinterest board)

Growing up in New Zealand – Developing Healthy children

Life is good in New Zealand – Kiwis are known for their love of the outdoors and their carefree childhood upbringing. In todays heavily technological world many kiwis are remembering the benefit of their childhood and are investing in an outdoor space for their children to benefit their physical and mental wellbeing. Here are just a few reasons to get
outside this summer.


For long summer kiwi days, many Kiwis are updating their backyard living for safe entertaining with friends and children. You can almost hear the children running & laughing, adults chatting and great food and wine flowing. MT Build have a strong family and community focus. Being your perfect partner to build an outdoor area that will create memories for years to come.


If you look to sell your house in the future, outdoor living areas will increase the value of your home. Your outdoor space is a hidden oasis that will pleasantly surprise prospective buyers and it may even be the draw card that makes them choose your house!

Your outdoor space will elevate your living and provide you with a place to form great memories!

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